Plantronics/Poly HW540 EncorePro Corded Headset

Plantronics/Poly HW540 EncorePro Corded Headset

The HW540 EncorePro is the latest generation of corded headsets from Plantronics.

It can be used with desk phone, computer or mobile phone (each requires the right connector cable). It is both wideband and noise cancelling - this combination of great value, fantastic sound and multiple wearing styles make it a hugely popular headset with businesses of all sizes.

The HW500 series comes in a range of wearing style - 510; over the head, one ear, 520; over the head 2 ears, 530 earhook style, 540; over the head, earhook AND neckband styles included. If you like the over the head (headband) style the 510 and 520 will be the durable.

All corded headsets come with a brand specific QD (quick disconnect) connection and require an adaptor cable to make them compatible with your phone. These range in price from $10-$64. Many of these cables look the same but are different inside, so if you’re not 100% sure which you need, give us a call and our staff will gladly check for you. Alternatively just add the headset to cart and follow the prompts to find the right cable for your phone

The Good

This EncorePro model is the mid-range from the hugely popular Plantronics/Poly suite of headsets. The microphone features noise cancelling to ensure no distracting background noises are transmitted to your callers.This is a wideband headset which means it offers the most natural sounding voice clarity but bear in mind that this is only if both you and the person calling you are on wideband phones, in which case it will just offer just standard narrowband.

The Not-So-Good

Corded headsets are pretty rare outside of call centres these days - most people prefer the freedom of a wireless headset and starting at less than $200 it's hard to say they are too expensive! A wireless headset can make you more productive - grab a quick cuppa whilst you listen to your caller, locate a file or resource whilst building more rapport - you can understand why businesses have moved away from corded headsets!

As with any corded headset, with the 540 you are connected to your phone via a cable, this can be frustrating when wires lie across your desk and get in the way of papers or drop down and get crushed & tangled under chair wheels. In addition, don’t forget to factor those additional costs when budgeting. You may even need an amplifier – if so, a wireless headset will probably work out cheaper than a corded one.

If you don’t have a headset port on your phone, a corded headset will take the place of your handset. If you still want to use the handset you can pick up a switch to allow you to swap between the two, but really, at that stage, you’ll probably want to pay a few bucks extra and get a wireless headset. A wireless headset will let you use the handset or headset, regardless of what sockets you have on the phone.

Plantronics/Poly say this is a more durable headset than previous models - check out the video to see some of the repeat stress testing they have done on the headset. It's also supposed to be a bit louder (listening volume) than other models

The Verdict

Plantronics/Poly have brought out what will no doubt be another best selling headset and there will be nothing wrong with it. Arguably other brands can give you better value for money or better quality but just like it's predecessor, we're pretty sure this headset will fly off the shelves.

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