Plantronics CS60 Battery

This is a Genuine replacement battery

CS50/CS55/CS60: How to Replace the Battery

Article ID : 000001124

You can replace the battery in your CS50/CS55/CS60 headset, if necessary. You may need to replace your battery if your headset:

  • Does not power on (no green light)
  • Never fully charges
  • Seems to fully charge, but you notice a decrease in talk time


To replace the battery:
Image of the CS50/CS55/CS60 battery replacement process
  1. Pinch both sides of the battery cover and lift to remove. TIP: Sometimes these battery doors stick, so you may need to pull or wiggle with some force.
  2. Slide the battery out and gently separate at the connection. Do not pull the battery out by the wires.
  3. Connect the new battery and slide it into place.
  4. Pinch both sides of the battery cover and slide and lock it into place.

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