Lithium Titanate Battery 2.3V 40Ah

Australian importers 

Let's have take a closer look at the main advantages of LTO Battery

1. Extremely Long Life

The charge cycle count of a Lithium Titanate battery is 20,000 = if charged daily they would last 54 years in comparison of only 2000 charge cycle for a regular lithium battery, this is a revolutionary approach to energy storage.

2. Rapid Battery Charging and Discharging

Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries (LTO) are advanced modified lithium-ion battery that employs nano-technology in the form of lithium titanate nanocrystals instead of normal carbon material on its surface. The advantage of technical principle is that the anode has a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram of material - which certainly stands out as a lot more when compared with the 3 square meters per gram for normal carbon material.

3. Enhanced Safety

In addition to the enhanced efficiency and energy-conserving qualities of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries, this technology is known for its high level of safety when used in comparison to alternative options. Due to the lower operating voltage of this technology, there are significant safety advantages for the consumer and the environment. As Lithium Titanate batteries are entirely free of carbon, they avoid thermal runaway or overheating which is a main cause of fires in traditional energy storage systems.

LTO cells are resistant to mechanical abuse - Without the risk of fires or explosions, Lithium Titanate technology allows for safe, user-friendly and low-risk energy storage in any application. 

4. Low-Temperature Performance

Another advantage of using Lithium Titanate batteries is that due to the nanotechnology employed, these batteries have a much better low-temperature performance in comparison to other battery technologies.

Due to these low-temperature discharge characteristics, it is able to obtain up to 80% of its full capacity at a mere -30°C.

5. Integration with Energy Storage

Last but most certainly not least, Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) is bridging the gap between battery energy storage and the grid power.

With an increasing importance of renewable energy options, the possibilities of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries allow for a synergy between solar and wind power, battery storage and the grid. Energy storage based on Lithium titanate has the potential to contribute greatly to power system stabilization, with vast potential in creating a renewable energy source that is more sustainable than any other previous alternatives.

Pricing is for 1 x 2V 40Ah Cell Only - pricing for multiple cells is available on request.