Jabra GN Netcom 9120 Headset

• Truly wireless headset for complete freedom and ease of use
• Full mobility in the office – up to 150m range & up to a 12-hour talk time
• Sleek design, choice between 3 boom arms & remote call answering/ending (optional)
• Alluring benefits like telephone conferencing – fully mobile, hassle-free conference calling

Your work environment has evolved – and so has the headset. The wireless Jabra GN9120 headset is the future of executive telephony. Giving you an incredible 150m of range in the office, up to a 12-hour talk time plus a host of unique features and benefits, the Jabra GN9120 lets you get more done.

Conference calls have become a way of life in today’s business. The Jabra GN9120’s multi-unit conferencing capability lets up to four headsets join in on a call. Enjoy fully mobile conference calls without the hassle of crackling speakerphones or meeting room bookings.

Adding the Jabra GN1000 RHL remote handset lifter with the Jabra GN9120 lets you remotely answer/end calls away from your desk. A special version of the Jabra GN9120 even works with special telephones with built-in remote answering/ending functionality.

Flexibility, comfort and styling are hallmarks of the Jabra GN9120, which offers a choice of three different microphone boom arms and two wearing styles. No matter which lightweight microphone boom you choose or which wearing style you prefer, you’ll enjoy all-day wearing comfort. The Jabra GN9120 also complies with the toughest acoustic shock protection standards, eliminating overly-loud sounds, and is compatible with virtually any telephone.

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