Sennheiser UUSB8


The Wired Call Controller UUSB 8 is an inline call control adapter for wired telecom headsets. The user will be able to handle all phone calls from one device. High usability, plug and play with Microsoft Office Communicator.


Q: What is the Windows system requirement for using the UUSB 8 telecom adaptor?
A: The UUSB 8 is specifically designed to run on Windows PC platforms using native Microsoft sound drivers. No separate driver is therefore required when using Windows 98SE or higher.

Q: What can be done if the user has difficulty hearing the caller?
A: If a user has difficulty hearing the caller, try turning up the volume on the in-line call control device. If the problem persists, the user should consider switching from a single-sided to a double-sided headset.

Q: What can be done if the person on the other end of the line has difficulty hearing?
A: If the person being spoken to has difficulties hearing the user, try adjusting the microphone boom arm. This is particularly important when using a noise-cancelling microphone, which should be quite close to the mouth (approximately 2 cm/less than 1 inch).

Q: How does a noise-canceling microphone work?
A: The noise-cancelling microphone filters out unwanted background noise. It does so by differentiating between sounds that come from nearby sources, such as from the mouth, and those from far away, which are then eliminated. Because of this, it is important that the noise-cancelling microphone is positioned close to the mouth (approximately 2 cm/less than 1 inch).

Q: What does “Wideband” mean?
A: “Wideband” refers to the frequency range supported by the headset when transmitting and receiving sound. According to the TIA* (Telecommunications Industry Association), wideband is defined as 150-6800 Hz.
1) TIA Document TIA-920: Transmission Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline Telephones. 

Q: Do I need a separate driver to use the UUSB 8 sound card chip and control interface?
A: The sound card chip in the UUSB 8 telecom adaptor uses a native Windows sound card driver and is installed automatically when it is plugged into a USB port. The control interface uses HID (Human Interface Device) which is also standard within Windows and is therefore installed automatically.

Q: Which driver does the UUSB 8 telecom adaptor use?
A: The sound card chip in the UUSB 8 uses a standard Windows sound card driver which is installed automatically when it is recognized by a USB port.

Q: What should I do if I am using a USB hub and it is not very stable?
A: Some USB hubs do not work optimally with UUSB variants. To ensure optimal performance plug the UUSB device directly into a free USB port on your PC.

Q: Which USB standard does the USB sound card chip support?
A: Our USB sound card is compatible with USB 1.1 and higher.

Q: Does my PC remember my preferred output levels?

A: Generally, most operating systems like VISTA search the registration database when a previously installed device is recognized. When using a USB device for the first time, the operating system needs to allocate a driver for the device. If possible, the system will then take the preferred settings directly from the device.
Sennheiser Communications has ensured that the default levels will be used when our USB device is recognized on first installation.
After recognition and loading of the drivers for the device, all the user's preferred settings are stored in the operating system. This makes it more convenient for the user next time the USB device is used.

Q: Can I use call control on VoIP applications other than Microsoft Communicator?
A: HeadSetup from Sennheiser Communication gives you access to most other VoIP application available on market.

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