Interquartz IQ280R Fire Phone/Hot Line Phone

Used across many customer types, both big and small including government, business and hospitality workplaces and common areas.  

Offering large keys, a bright ringer lamp, and genuine five (5) year parts and labour warranty the IQ280 is the ideal product for the home or office or wherever a RED phone is needed to attract attention or stand out in the crowd.  

It is suitable as a fire or similar emergency phone


  • Tone dialing
  • Ringer lamp
  • Message Waiting lamp
  • 3 position Ringer Volume switch
  • Redial and Pause Keys
  • Data Port
  • Line powered
  • Alpha-numeric Keypad
  • Recall Key 100mS (Call Waiting compatible)
  • Modular connection for installation on desk or wall
  • Hearing Aid compatible
  • Noise cancelling handset micro-phone
  • This telephone can also be supplied with the keypad removed (for bulk orders only)


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